• Rikki VanGoethem

Good Grief… Just Get Over It?

If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you’ll know that I’ve been dropping teasers and hints about the construction we are undergoing and a new service we will be offering. As a spa, most of you were guessing that our little surprise would be a service like injections, laser, hair-styling, etc. Great guesses, but all wrong ;)

Having been in this industry for nearly two decades, the one thing that remains a constant is the emotional (and physical!) toll that grief takes on women (before anyone pulls the politically correct card on me, I deal primarily with women, so this is my experience).

For nearly twenty years, I have listened to women tell some of their most intimate secrets, struggles & worries. It seems once my treatment door is closed, my clients feel safe enough to tell me their stories, and all I can do is listen, give an unbiased opinion and draw from my own experiences in life.

Mistakenly, many people assume that grief is strictly related to death – but, that is only one component of it. Grief can result from divorce, the break-up of a relationship, the loss of a job and even the sense of loss of self. These are all things I have experienced in my own life that some days made it hard to even get out of bed.

I myself am divorced. I had no idea who I even was at that time. With my divorce came so many additional losses like having to sell my house and my business and just being at a complete loss on how to cope with it all. Recently, I lost one of the most important people in my life: my “go-to” with everything. Here one day, then she was just gone... These are experiences I have shared with women I have met over the years. I don't share my experiences so that others feel sorry for me, but instead to let them know that they are not alone and someone is here to listen. As an industry, I am concerned that we are not doing enough to facilitate the mantra of the spa industry: healing the mind, body & spirit.

At Enrapt Boutique & Spa, we are 100% supportive of the holistic approach to healing the mind, body & spirit and to always leave our clients better than we found them.

It is with this holistic approach in mind that I am thrilled to welcome Lesley Lehmann, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, to Enrapt. Over the years, I have had the advantage of knowing Lesley (who just happens to be for me the friend you call no matter what time it is, my moral compass and one of my absolute favorite humans) and I know that this work was Lesley’s calling long before she knew it.

Lesley's educational background includes an Undergraduate Degree of Psychology and ongoing studies in the field of Thanatology (the study of death and dying) with Conestoga College, where she is a part-time Professor. Lesley is a highly skilled mediator and has completed extensive training in alternative dispute resolution. She is a long-time member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada.

Following the death of her mother in 2015, Lesley acted as the Director of Development and Communications for a large Charitable Foundation responsible for funding the free end-of-life programs and services provided to hundreds of terminally-ill people and their families at Stedman Community Hospice each year.

As the result of several significant losses in her own life, including the death of her niece, the end of her marriage, and the death of her mother, Lesley is deeply compassionate and fully understands the broad range of emotions that grievers experience following a loss.

Lesley chose to pursue a specialization in grief support not as a result of her academic training, but rather, as a result of recognizing the profound need for improved grief support services. Through her own healing, she was inspired to help others move beyond the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by loss.

Lesley's company, North House, has been working out of our space for close to a year now, after hours. However, after seeing the overwhelming response to what we are trying to achieve, we knew it was something that needed to be available all the time. So, we are thrilled to announce that Lesley’s office is now officially a part of our space. We couldn’t be happier to have her here.

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Now grief is not something you just get over, it’s a battle and some days a war, but we are here to make it a little easier.



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